KRI Bung Karno 369, Corvette Type Warship Made in Indonesia Can Launch Missiles

KRI Bung Karno-369 is a new corvette type warship owned by Indonesia.

KRI Bung Karno 369

Jakarta, EDITOR.ID, – The Indonesian National Navy (TNI-AL) has added a new warship. This corvette type warship is more sophisticated and has been operated digitally and is capable of launching missiles. In fact, this ship is used as the Republic of Indonesia’s Presidential ship because of its above average capabilities.

The warship was named KRI Bung Karno-369. The inauguration coincided with the Birth of Pancasila and the birth month of the first Indonesian President, Ir. Sukarno.

Looking back, this Corvette-class warship was designed to function as a replacement for the Indonesian presidential ship KRI Barracuda 633 which had previously started to age. This status makes the KRI Bung Karno-369 have many advantages compared to its predecessors and has a multi-role with many uses.

What makes him proud again is that KRI Bung Karno-369 is a corvette type ship made by the nation’s children. By pinning the name Bung Karno as the name of the ship, it is hoped that it can emulate Bung Karno’s determination and persistence in fighting for the independence of the Republic of Indonesia.

“The presence of the Bung Karno-369 Corvette is to strengthen the TNI AL fleet which is operationalized in an effective strategy to support the implementation of Military Operations for War (OMP), as well as to support Military Operations Other Than War (OMSP) including securing the President,” said the official statement received. related to the inauguration of the KRI Bung Karno operation.

Today Thursday (1/6/2023) the Bung Karno Warship 369 was inaugurated directly by the fifth President who is also Bung Karno’s daughter, Megawati Soekarnoputri at Mako Komando Lintas Laut Militer(Kolinlamil), Tanjung Priok, Jakarta.

“I hereby inaugurate KRI Bung Karno-369 into the ranks of the Indonesian Navy,” said Megawati accompanied by the Chairperson of the Indonesian Parliament Puan Maharani, the Commander of the Indonesian Armed Forces Admiral Yudo Margono and the Navy Chief of Staff Admiral Muhammad Ali.

KRI Bung Karno-369 Profile New Warship Inaugurated by the Indonesian Navy

Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Ali explained that apart from being a combat ship, the KRI which was built by domestic defense manufacturer PT Karimun Anugrah Sejati was also intended as a presidential ship.

The KRI Bung Karno-369 also replaced the FPB-57 presidential ship which was previously owned by the Indonesian Navy and had been in operation for 27 years.

“As I said, this ship is not only a combat ship, but also the presidential ship that we previously owned was smaller than this, the KRI Barracuda, during President Suharto’s era,” he said.

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