Ministry of Defense Slandered as Accepting Mirage Bribe 2000-5, Hotman: The Perpetrator Looks Like Accuser Raffi Ahmad

The Ministry of Defense appointed Hotman Paris as legal advisor for the Mirage hoax case. Hotman Paris: Perpetrators of the Mirage 2000-5 hoax harmed the Ministry of Defense. The brain who spread it is thought to be Indonesian. What is clear is that I said earlier that the way to translate the video content looks correct, it is Indonesian

Mirage 2000-5 Jet Fighter

Jakarta, EDITOR.ID,- The Indonesian Ministry of Defense (Kemhan) has become a victim of spreading fake and misguided news on accusations of accepting bribes and commissions in the purchase of the Mirage 2000-5 fighter jet. Not accepting this heretical slander, the Indonesian Ministry of Defense collaborated with lawyer Hotman Paris to take legal steps against the perpetrators of spreading hoax news about bribery.

It is alleged that there are certain parties who spread this false news through social media with political aims.

In a press conference Monday (12/2/2024) afternoon at the Ministry of Defense (Kemhan) media center, Hotman Paris suspected that the perpetrators of spreading fake news were Indonesians or Indonesian citizens.

Hotman, who as of today was officially appointed as the attorney for the Indonesian Ministry of Defense regarding this case, explained that the results of his observations of the hoax broadcast strengthened his belief that the video was made by an Indonesian.

“What is clear is that I said earlier that the way to translate the content of the video seems to be Indonesian,” said Hotman during a press conference at the Indonesian Ministry of Defense Office, Jakarta, Monday.

Not only that, the lawyer also mentioned the NCW DPP whose name was included in several of the hoax videos. “Clearly in the video there is DPP NCW written at the end and there are his words,” said Hotman.
The NCW DPP that Hotman mentioned during the press conference referred to the National Corruption Watch Central Leadership Council which once accused Raffi Ahmad of being involved in a money laundering case. According to Hotman, the NCW DPP’s accusations against Raffi to this day have not been proven.

However, Hotman is still waiting for the calm period to end before deciding what legal steps the Indonesian Ministry of Defense will take. He opened the possibility of the case being reported to the National Police.

“It’s also possible, but it will depend on the decision of the leadership of the Ministry of Defense. There can’t (be) a final decision now, but what is clear is that the video I showed is really a hoax,” said Hotman after showing the hoax video he was referring to at a press conference.

Not only regarding the Mirage purchase, Hotman also spoke about the hoax which said that PT TMI arranged contracts for the procurement of defense equipment at the Indonesian Ministry of Defense, especially while the ministry was led by the Indonesian Minister of Defense Prabowo Subianto.

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